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Can I customize when a player will earn a reward?
Can I customize when a player will earn a reward?

Players in Gamifier earn gold, Xp and rewards for different activities completed.

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Yes. When you are setting up the gamification, you can define specific goals, rules, and parameters for each pipeline.

Each goal is defined by relevant objectives throughout the sales process, like keeping the pipeline up to date or making good sales. You can select or not these goals or specific rules inside them that are responsible for displaying rewards to the “players.”

You can even decide whether each accomplished rule will generate a post on the timeline or not, or who should receive the reward for it - the owner of the task or the executor of the action.

Using the parameter, it is possible to define how often an action should generate a notification for the reward received. It could be after each action that is worth a reward or after accomplishing 10 of these tasks - you tell it.

In addition to Challenges and Quests, you can set the rewards for your team and individuals.

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