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How can I customize my account?
How can I customize my account?

Gamifier allows you to customize various aspects of your account.

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You can customize your gamification by setting the goals and rules that align with your sales process. This is all available in the gamification settings inside the platform.

The goals were strategically created to:

  • Generate engagement in the CRM.

  • Build habits aligned to the best sales practices.

  • Get better deals.

  • Promote collaboration among reps.

You can select or deselect these goals according to your objectives within your sales team.

Each goal is formed by a group of rules to help to accomplish that target. If you are not interested in one (or more) of them, just unmark it.

The parameters are another tool to customize your gamification. This is the last step of the configuration. It allows you to tailor the sales game by telling us how often you would like Gamifier to notify the players as they receive rewards or punishments for their actions on the pipeline.

To customize your team targets, go to the Productivity Diagnosis and insert the information required about conversion speed, purchase value, the number of activities, acquisition rate, and rotten deals.

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