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How does Gamifier work?
How does Gamifier work?

A quick overview of the in's and out's of how Gamifier and gamification truly work.

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Gamifier is integrated to a CRM (Pipedrive and Hubspot), where we take all the necessary information to provide you with relevant data and improve productivity among team members.

The gamification is set according to the pipeline(s) you’ve selected and the goals you define for your team. Then, every action they take is recorded in Gamifier and can lead to a reward or punishment, which means to win or lose golds, XPs, points, and other options.

The notification is also published on a timeline, where all “players” have access. The result of the punctuation also culminates in a leaderboard.

All this gaming technique’s objective is to promote healthy competition among reps and motivate them. With these incentives, productivity will raise naturally.

Using the information obtained in the CRM, Gamifier also generates charts to show in a simple way how effective the sales process is and give artifices to you take the best action, skipping guesswork.

With that information you will be able to create smart journeys or even challenges for you team - It will help them move towards relevant tasks.

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