Can I customize gamification?

About GamificationCan I customize gamification?What is the Conversion Win Rate?Can I customize when a player will earn a reward?Does Gamifier work with gamification for education?Does Gamifier [...]

Can I customize when a player will earn a reward?

Yes. When you are setting up the gamification, you can define specific goals, rules, and parameters for each pipeline.

Each goal is defined by relevant objectives throughout the sales process, like keeping the pipeline up to date or making good sales. You can select or not these goals or specific rules inside them that are responsible for displaying rewards to the “players.”

What is gamification?

Gamification is when you take game elements and properly apply them into other real scenarios in order to take benefits out of it. […]

How does Gamifier work?

The notification is also published on a timeline, where all “players” have access. The result of the punctuation also culminates […]