How to set up Gamifier in Hubspot?

It takes only one minute and no hard work to integrate your Hubspot CRM to our gamification solution. Follow these step-by-step instructions to have Gamifier installed right away:

1. Go to Hubspot page on Gamifier website or click here.

2. Sign in to your HubSpot account or select which logged account you would like to use.

3. Read and accept the authorizations.

4. Enter your data to create a Gamifier account.

5. Follow the guided steps on the platform to start setup.

6. Set up your productivity to get a current diagnosis of your process.

7. Open the gamification setup and follow the guided steps. Choose the participants that will take part in the gamification. Then, select the goals and inform some parameters to customize gamification to your needs.

8. It’s all set to start!

The players you selected will receive an email to download Gamifier App, as well as a token to activate their account.

Besides that, they just have to keep updating their activities in Hubspot CRM and keep track of their accomplishments and rewards on Gamifier.

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