What are the possible rewards?

To keep members engaged and motivate productivity, we have created some rewards they can get by doing their job.

  • Golds: These are the currency of Gamifier. A “player” earn them when a deal is closed. The amount of gold received is defined by the size of the sale. This coin can also be used as a real rewarding program, exchanging golds into current money, days off, dinners, etc.
  • Karma: It is generated when a “player” socializes with others in the gamification, commenting on a post or reacting to an achievement, for example.
  • Points: To get points, the team member should accomplish tasks that positively impacts the company, such as actions regarding deals.
  • XPs: These are related to the experience of the “player” concerning the tools and processes of the sales gamification. The more engaged the team member is with the platform, the more XPs they will get.
  • Levels: This reward shows how experienced in the sales gamification the team member is. To advance levels, the “player” must get a predetermined amount of XPs.
  • Achievements: These are historical marks that show the “player” has accomplished relevant tasks and activities in the sales gamification, like closing a big deal, adding complete business information on the CRM and others.

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