What is Productivity Diagnosis?

Based on our three-perspective methodology (speed, quality, and dependability), the Productive Score analyzes the performance of the team to show how well the sales process is.

The analysis is done before you start gamification so that you have an idea of how productivity is at the initial moment. This lets you compare how your sales got better using Gamifier tool.

You can also have a Productivity Diagnosis at any time during the gamification, setting a date you would like it to begin and pipeline that should be analyzed.

So as to understand how productive a process is, you need to tell us what is the ideal target for all three perspectives:

  • How fast should your average win cycle be?
  • How much is your average purchase value target? And how many activities should be usually done per deal?
  • How many leads should be converted into clients on average? What is the acceptable time for a deal to be rotten?

Based on this information, targeted by you according to your sales process, you can clearly understand where your team is doing good and where you need to improve.

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